Sparta's Rules for all members...

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Sparta's Rules for all members...

Post  Spartawolf on Fri Aug 27, 2010 9:26 am

1. Do not piss off Spartawolf.

2. Do not piss off Spartawolf.

3. No seriously, it's his forum and if you annoy him, you will be banned.

4. Read the fucking rules. (Well done)

5. Obey the mods, otherwise they will ban you.

6. In case you have not noticed, we don't give a flying fuck about swearing, or any of that kind of holy fucking donkey shit.

7. The rules of the internet apply here. Learn those as well.

8. Read the rule below.

9. Read the rule above.

10. Spell properly, or at least so that we can understand it. Spk1n l1Ek diz iz sooooo anoing aint it? If you speak like this, you will be punished, depending on how annoying the mod finds it.

11. Console wars are frowned upon, consoles all have sections. Use them!

12. Don't be annoying/faggot.

13. Don't make more than one account, it's fucking annoying...

14. Necrobumping (commenting on dead topics) is so fucking annoying, so anyone doing it will be severely punished unless they have a good sodding reason for doing it. Seriously, who gives a fuck about your answer to a question if they posted it 4 months ago?

15. Mods can do whatever the hell they want (like ban you for fun), so you should be nice to them.

16. Don't be hatin on ma black friends playa! (In other words do not be racist, besides sexism is a whole lot funnier!)

16a. That said, I would suggest not being sexist around ExDarkrai.

17. If something gets really annoying, report it to someone with authoritah! They could either deal with it or tell you to go fuck yourself if it's something not that serious, so it's hit and miss.

18. We have a seperate gallery for pictures, and a seperate section for spam. Use them!

19. We allow porn, but try to keep it all, especially the nastier stuff in the "nothing to see here" section. Also no illegal shit.

20. Half of these rules we probably won't bother to enforce, so just use common sense!

21. While we like the folks at Bayleef Beech and the Datai forums, our opinion of the S0S Brigade is the following:

22. Also keep sigs small.

23. Have a nice time!

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