The SpiritofSteel Story

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The SpiritofSteel Story

Post  Spartawolf on Fri Oct 22, 2010 5:29 pm

Gather round children, and listen close! Tonight we shall hear the rise and fall of Spirit of Steel, from beginning to end. Commit these words to memory and learn from them, so that we may move on and improve. Remember this tale, never forget, and always be vigilant.

This is non-fiction. Horrible but true.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away called Manassas, Virginia, there was a young man called Chuk Li. Chuk had a hard life, and so started to make videos on Youtube. And so, SpiritofSteel was born.

In the beginning, he was a good man, making videos on Youtube and getting recognised for them. Many people were drawn in by this "mature" gamer and were entertained by him. I was one such person, along with many other members of this forum. If only we knew then what he would turn into. As time progressed, he became more popular, eventually creating his own forum, along with his friend, who went by the name of "Final". The Golden Age of LPing was here, and it was glorious. This forum (S0S Brigade) was a success, and on December 2009, I became a member of that forum.

It was soon after I joined that my path first crossed with Steel. Our first encounter was not what you would expect, since Steel blindly accused me of being a little kid and tried (and failed) to troll me. Seeing that this failed, I was kicked from the Chatbox. Is this why we fight today? No. The next day he said he was sorry, and that he had me confused with someone else. One could argue that this is a classic early case of Steel being stupid and immature. As I write this I would agree, but at the time, I was willing to forgive and let it pass. Why do I speak of my own story? Curious isn't it, how one story leads to another? Well our paths were intertwined, so to speak of him I must also speak of myself.

Soon after, we began to speak on the chatbox more often. I was earning respect among some of the other members for my mature manner (and some would argue, good grammar) and I would chat a bit more frequently with the established regulars. I was getting more popular on Youtube as well, and managed to get a small fanbase. I also started playing Shoddy battle, which I found delightful, and interesting.

It was a few weeks later when things started to go uphill even more for me. Spirit of Steel and his right hand man, ST were playing shoddy with a few other people. I thought it a good idea to challange Steel. I never really expected him to accept my challenge, but he did. We fought hard, and in the end I defeated him 4-0. People were impressed with me, and soon I faced ST, who was alot better at Shoddy than Steel. Again, I proved victorious. While shoddy battles are not what I would call "serious", I definatly gained some respect there, which I believe played a part in my friendship with Steel.

And here, we reach the point of origin, where our friendship, and hatred for each other would begin. One day on the chatbox, I suggested we make an abridged series. I didn't know if the others would accept the idea or not, but there it was. To my surprise, everyone applauded the idea, and SpiritofSteel told us we would do it, and told me to add him and a few others on Skype. I was excited. This was a good idea and we would all make it work. As a direct result of this, I started to get VERY popular on Youtube as a result of my friendship with Steel, ST, MO and all the others. They respected me as the funny, slightly crazy British guy that would always make them laugh and provide some entertaining conversation. In later days, Spirit of Steel would sometimes confide in me and ask me for my advice, and we would as well as sneak off for the occational Yugioh battle. That would soon change.

One day, our abridged series channel was deleted. 10 minutes ago I had sent Steel a message asking him to help with our second episode. Everyone else who was part of the project didn't want to organise anything, so it was me trying to organise things. I shouldn't have bothered, but the project was my idea, and also a symbol of my friendship with the others. I didn't want to let a good thing go. I knew Steel was online when I sent the message, and 10 minutes later, the channel was gone, just like that. Half an hour after this, Steel made a video announcing the fact that the channel was deleted. He blamed a hacker, and like sheep, everyone believed him.

You can imagine how I felt. OJ Simpson was found innocent, but we all knew the truth. It felt the same for me here. I let my anger get the better of me and I accused Steel of deleting the account. Because of my brash actions, we will never know if he did. I of course still believe he did, and when you take into consideration all the stupid things he has done in recent times, you cannot blame me for thinking that. When he saw my accusation, Steel rebuffed it, and insulted me in the process, and everyone else I had once called "friend" joined in. These people that I had helped and befriended, now turned on me like a pack of wolves. I was changed then, just as Steel changed. I saw how Steel was nothing more than a fake, a liar. It was from there that I changed myself for the better.

Steel was my inspiration for joining this great community, and I was tempted to leave there and then. But I decided I would forge my own path and not stay in the shadow of a role model. Psychadelicsnake is my role model in this community, but I do not linger in his shadow. I need to say now that I agree that I made the wrong decision there. The PTA squad was not that big a deal in the end, and I treated it like serious business. The S0S network claim that the reason Steel and I argue is because of the PTA issue. However that is not the reason for the war. The only thing this did was caused us to fall out.

I should also mention that before this the S0S Brigade had merged with TotalPokemon, another site and together we created the Saskai forums. Many people hated the idea of this, but not me. I welcomed the opportunity to meet new people, and now Legend and Red Globe are two good friends of mine. I should also mention at this stage that Steel and Legend did not get on. Legend and Fin had agreed on the forum rules, and Steel did not want to abide by them. He always went on about how people shouldn't think themselves above the rules, and here he was being a hypocrite. I supported the actions of Legend in the coming weeks, constantly berating Steel for his disregard of the rules. Deep down, Steel believed himself to be the god of the LP community and that the rules should be bent for him. He had a lot of subs on Youtube, so everyone should listen to him without question right? Wrong.

Steel was seriously pissed off, and he and tharles2 ganged up on HatchedGeneration. I shall not mention what occured, but it was extremely worrying, so I was the one to screenshot the evidence and send it to Legend. Red Globe and I do not know the full details of what happened next, since Steel and his cronies had banned us, so we could not do anything, but what we do know is that Steel moved all those loyal to him back to S0S. This is the start of what I call "the splintering", since Saskai split into many different fresh communities. After I found out what had happened, I went onto S0S to confront Steel. He was furious with me for siding with Legend and providing the evidence of his cruelty and promised he would "force" me off the internet as he banned me from S0S. I replied simply that I would be back to make him regret what he had done.

The next day, Red Globe and I raided S0S. It was too easy, and it felt good striking back at them. Unfortunatly, they knew it was us and ST tried to get me and Chuk to agree to peace. (I had learned Steel's real name a while ago, as he added me on facebook. He can lie all he wants but he knows that we know his real name.) As you can imagine, that didn't work out.

Many weeks later, this forum was created, to provide a home for those who did not believe the lies of Steel. It was then we decided to call Steel "Chukles", which was a play on his real name, and our reaction to his lies. We had a growing community, and more people turned away from Steel. In the mean time, S0S was dead, and it was Steel who killed that place. There were some good memories there but I suppose under a bitter leader like him, it was only a matter of time. Steel was fully transformed from a complete immature prick, to something worse as a result of his bitter resentment towards me, and my continued defience.

It was now that others joined me, and slowly but surely, the PROS network was growing. While this forum is currently inactive, our community still lives, and we have already sown the seeds for this forum to grow again. The S0S network were shaken by us, especially by our infamous Naughty List, which named them all as the worst, of the worst. It was then they launched a second forum, what we call SOS2 as a direct counter to us. Using their influence they managed to jumpstart their community, to oppose us. We were not phased by this. We did not want MO and Steel fans ruining this forum, so we did nothing. They acted as a filter for us.

Then Steel and I began to face off publicly. It started when he would target select members of this forum and try to humiliate them. Unfortunatly this didn't work, as we would turn the situation around, goading Steel into saying something stupid, or doing something rash. Unsporting tactics maybe, but since he was attacking, we did everything we could to defend our friends, which is a pledge of this forum. This would continue, until Steel tried using his influence to get his fans to attack me. This he had already tried once before, trying to get people, along with PurpleHCross to believe I was the one to attack Chuggaaconroy, despite us all knowing it was Conjopi. Ironicly, this lead to more people defending me, and the same happened again. People would turn and support me. In the end, I think he knew he had lost. In one final desperate move, he tried to convince people I had hacked his channel, creating a backup channel (SpiritsofSteel) in order to support this false claim, as he DC'd and left. However this "going out with a bang" idea failed, and now the majority of his active fans support us. As of now, Steel is not on Youtube, but we have seen him lurking on SOS2, brooding. He has now made his story about me, so it is only fair I tell mine about him, so you as the viewer can choose for yourself.

Steel portrays himself as the innocent victim, but I can tell you he is not. He is good at manipulating the truth of events in order to use people as his personal weapon. I however have vowed to give the honest version of my story, to help you decide what your view is concerning this. I would agree with Boarbeque that I have made some mistakes, which cannot be undone and I have openly told you about them. I have made them, so I must improve from them, rather than let myself become worse from them, as Steel has. Steel will also say I have a fair sized ego, which I believe myself I have a problem with at times. However he also claimed Boarbeque has a massive ego, which is total crap. He does not, so I don't even know if Steel knows what he is talking about.

When it comes down to it all, I regret it. I regret how events turned out for us and I regret how we both let ourselves become the worst of enemies. It changed both of us, Steel for the worse. And me? Well that is for you to decide. I don't believe Steel has the ability to redeem himself, unlike Boarbeque. Long gone are the days when he would entertain us, and now he just sits on his throne as a tyrant, powerful as long as people blindy interpret what he says as gospel. And that is the reason for the war. It is not revenge for what I believe he did to PTA and it is not revenge for him killing Saskai. It is because he needs to be stopped from doing these malicious things.

We expect Steel will return one day. But PROS will be watching.

The End.

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