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Post  Spartawolf on Wed Dec 01, 2010 2:24 pm

Aliases: SkywardSheep, Sheep, Sheepy, Skyward, Shawn

Age: 11

Nationality: Welsh

Sexual Orientation: Beastialsexuality (With Sheep)

Threat Level: 0.3

Activity Level: Moderate

Reason: Being an ungrateful little shit to the person who helped him get started on YT (me). Is a fanatical Steel fanboy but is not a member of Steel's little gang, it is because of this that SkywardSheep is constantly on a period. Sounds like he is sitting on a dildo whenever he talks, and we suspect he imagines it to be Steel dressed up as a sheep. The twat in question should be ignored as he poses no threat to anyone, aside from his favorite farm animals......

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