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Aliases: Azn, Ryuki, RyukiSurvive, Antonio Chanthavong

Age: 13

Nationality: Azn - American

Sexual Orientation: Permavirgin

Threat Level: 1.5

Activity Level: Moderate

Reason: BcozAzn is a slimey little bugger that is a member of Steel's inner circle. Used to be a friend and rival of mine, but later turned on me, siding with Steel (as the more influencial figure) during the LP civil war, proving that he uses others for his own personal gain. Azn was a driving force for the PTA project that we both worked on and was our chief editor. When the first PTA went down Azn was the one who I went to for help, not knowing that he would turn on me, and entrusted him with the password to the second PTA channel (nobody else had it). The day after this, the channel went down, and that was when I knew he had betrayed me. I never confronted him about this, but I knew that he personally was responsible. Not long after then end of the war, Azn PM'd me with the following message:

I see this as an insult, so if any of you guys see Azn anywhere, kick his arse for me!

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