The Tale of Red Globe, Saskai and Steel.

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The Tale of Red Globe, Saskai and Steel.

Post  Red Globe on Sat Dec 04, 2010 6:14 pm


Steelies, Steelies, hear oh hear.

This is the story of Red Globe, a mod and a good friend of Spartawolf.

Back in the summer, around July, there was a new forum in town - This was led by a good friend of mine who I met quite some time before in Pokezam - another influential Pokemon forum which was reduced to ruins, once rivalling Serebii itself. Legend decided it would be a good idea to merge with another forum - The faggots brigade. And this was all fine and dandy. I was to be a Global Mod, while the admins were Legend, Spirit of Steel, Munchin Orange and Kris if memory recalls me.
Spending days on the chatbox, I quickly started new friendships. I started being influential, to some point, and started getting to know the community better. However I came across a thread where Steel was actually bullying a member who I hadn't known then, Hatch (and who is now a good friend of mine), calling him an orphan. There was about 5-7 pages of the two of them exchanging arguments.
I started wondering what kind of a behaviour it is for an admin to pick on a member for being an orphan? And getting his friends to do the same?
I immediately got the striking impression that Steel's anus had been not penetrated once, but twice, and with a goddamn tree rather than a stick. He seemed like a humongous dick at the time.
I vaguely also remember of having a fight with him in the Saskai chatbox. I don't remember how it started, but I remember Steel doubting my ability to be a Global Mod and trying to undermine me. I've been an administrator at several forums before, and I've done a good job on all of them - and who was he to judge me when he didn't even know who I was? He started attacking my credibility and questioning my ability to be a global mod when here he was pissing of half the forum standing waist deep in shit and being shoveled out by a bunch of his friends who at the same time were so neck deep into his ass they didn't even notice what a huge dick he was.

Soon after this, I came onto the forum one morning to see the chatbox gone and the forum flooded with links to the newly created faggots forum. Why, I asked myself? As a Global Mod I started perma banning those who had posted those links. I was rather pissed off with Steel and Munching Orange, who I hadn't even spoke to beforehand, flooding the forum for no actual reason.
After banning 2 of Steel's fans, I got perma banned by Steel himself for deleting his advertisement threads and banning his army.
The forum was split. Steel and Munching Orange accused Legend of deleting the chatbox, which would be their reason for separating. However Legend denied this and claimed it was a bug, which I believe him, because as you must know, Legend is not the kind of person to do a rash thing without consulting the rest of his staff. However, as I noticed, Steel's reaction was rather rash and impatient. He saw the chatbox gone and immediately concluded Legend deleted it so fuck this forum, fuck the community, back to faggots it is because the chatbox got deleted? He didn't even wait for Legend to get online and talk to him about it for Christ's sake!

Which leads me to another theory for which I've got no proof. Steel was getting tired of being second or third in charge. He deleted the chatbox himself remade his old forum, claiming that Legend deleted the chatbox.
Why would he even do that over such a petty thing as deleting a chatbox?

That morning the forum was fairly wrecked. I vouched for Spartawolf, who stayed there with me through the whole thing on skype, to become a mod, including several other people who were kind enough to stay.
Spartawolf and I were actually fairly in rage at this point, because of the rash actions of Steel and Munching Orange. We decided their newly born forum, born in the blood and flesh of another forum I might add, would be raided with lots of Nothing to See Here, gore, and combinations of the two. They damn well deserved it for their actions and you can't judge me for it.
We spoke nothing of it to Legend, because (I for one) considered this to be a kind of personal revenge. Slash later somehow got his hands on the skype convo I and Spartawolf were in and accused Zio of giving it to him, which made no sense. If Zio, my friend, gave it to him, why would Slash say that precisely Ziokon gave the conversation log to him?

Both Saskai and faggots died off. I feel into a peaceful slumber full of going to the beach, smoking, drinking and having the best summer of my life.


A few months ago, a few of my old friends from Saskai started asking me.
"Is that really you, Red?"
"On PRoS!"
"On WHAT?"

Indeed, I hadn't known Spartawolf had created a new forum. Not having known that, someone must've been pretending to be me, in order to troll PRoS. His grammar and capitalising was bad, which wasn't quite like me. I was invited to the convo of PRoS, and given a link to this new forum. And I've been there ever since, enduring the piles of utter shit and lies Steel constantly keeps burying his fans into it. You'd have to be utterly blind not to see that Steel's manipulating his fans into attacking Spartawolf OVER AND OVER again. And only the blind stay loyal to he who deceives.

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