How PROS was born

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How PROS was born

Post  Stashnaklov on Tue Dec 28, 2010 5:48 pm

Gather round the warm fireplace, friends and neighbours. I am going to tell you a very special story. The story of the origins of us, PROS. This is from my perspective, and some articles of information may be incorrect considering my memory is not too good. Let our story begin.

It all began when The Chukles Brigade (now called the faggots brigade, thanks Red Globe) merged with TotalPokemon. A new forum had been born. Saskai. The forum became a living, breathing world very quickly, grossing large members with a very well structured admin system. However, we did not know at the time of Steel's treachery, so in consideration, Red Globe and Legend were the real admins, and didn't abuse their power like Steel did so much.

As the forum grew, problems began to arise after the merging. Steel and his cronies wanted power. All the power on the forum. They thought they should be making the decisions. Arguments started arising, and massive deteriorations of members happened. One such person was HatchedGeneration, a good friend of mine. Steel decided it was a fucking hilarious idea to make fun of Hatch for being an orphan. Disgusting, I know.

Anyway, eventually the forum, with Steel ripping it apart, started to crumble at its foundations.
Soon later, Sparta and Red Globe raided the faggots brigades new forum and spammed nothing to see here and gore everywhere. After such a great victory, it happened.

Saskai splintered, as Sparta refers to it, and from it was created multiple different forums.
This forum was one of them. In late July - August 2010, I called up Sparta on Skype to propose something. I suggested we create a forum for everyone, where people would not be abused. I gave Sparta time to think. A few days later, he called me up and said "Let's do it. Now."

PROS was built from August 27th 2010 to September 21st 2010, before being revealed on September 22nd, 2010. The forum was received positively, and rose in numbers quickly. A short ad campaign by pre-reveal members such as myself was launched, and worked well. The faggots brigade decided to attack our creation, but we kicked them hard in the nuts into the section we call "The Naughty List."
They still reside their to this day.

PROS is still growing, and we are building an ever great community. And the faggots brigade? Dead. Gone.

That, my friends was the story of PROS, a forum built for caring for the community, that looks after it's fans, not degrading them like the faggots brigade. They fell, while we still rise and will never fall. PROS will live forever, and never be lost.


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