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Post  Stashnaklov on Sun Sep 05, 2010 10:41 am

Aliases: Tom, Lisk, Crystal, Krystalizc


Nationality: Canadian (Pretends to be Russian because he thinks it makes him look cool)

Sexual Orientation: Unknown.

Threat Level: 3

Activity Level: Fair

Reason: Crystalisk was originally a good guy. I was his friend along with Sparta, and we got on nicely. Even when Steel refused to add him to his conversations (This was before Sparta and Steel became enemies) we would always talk to him. How did he repay us when shit kicked off between Steel and Sparta? He sided with the guy who hated him (Steel) against the guy who liked him (Sparta). It was then we knew what Lisk really was; a two faced egotistical prick that will do whatever he can to ensure he's in with the "cool kids".

Now the S0S is dead we expect he'll turn up here looking to be buddies again. Unfortunatly, we at PROS remember who our enemies are.

Update: He hates me even more than Sparta for making this!

Herp Derp, I haz a baseball cap on bakwordz to makez me lok kewl Derp!


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