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Girl Saurus Manga

Post  Sk8ofHearts on Wed Sep 22, 2010 5:17 pm

Categories: comedy, ecchi, harem, school life

Author: Kusunoki Kei

Artist: Kusunoki Kei

Original Publisher: Shogakukan

Magazine: Shonen Sunday Super

Start Date: 2001

Chapters: 17 - completed

Summary -

The First Manga in the series. Shingo Chiryuu isn't much different than any other guy except for one thing... He's afraid of girls. When he was younger, he was attacked by an overweight girl, which caused him to develop a fear of woman, seeing them all as "dinosaurs." But even with all his efforts to get away from the girls, they seem always be there, making trouble for him along the way. Now he finds himself surrounded by girls, including the one whose attack originally instilled the fear in him, as he attempts to cure himself of his gynophobia.

Read it here:

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