Sparta's Rules for all mods...

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Sparta's Rules for all mods...

Post  Spartawolf on Fri Aug 27, 2010 3:57 pm

1. Use common sense

2. Try not to be an arse with your position.

3. To prevent arguments between mods, the ranking system has been implemented. The mod with the higher rank has authority over a situation. If you are a lower ranked mod and you are disatisfied with a decision made by a higher ranked mod, you should talk to a mod of even higher rank in order to sort the problem out.

4. If something happens and there is nobody to deal with it, or two mods of the same rank are at the scene on the crime the first mod on the scene has authority.

5. Rules 3 and 4 are there to try and quell any potential arguments between mods, but I recommend you don't argue with your fellow mods and try to find a compromise. If you cannot then apply rules 3, 4 ad 6 to the situation at hand.

6. If you are the highest ranked mod on the scene and there are other mods of your rank around when something happens, try and agree with your fellow mods on a course of action. If you cannot, wait for a higher ranked mod.

7. Don't go nuts with your power on the chatbox, as a rule if the majority of people there are annoyed with someone, you can make the call to kick them. If people are spamming pointless crap, annoying everyone else or posting massive pictures, you can kick, ban and clear.

8. With the forums, if something doesn't look like it belongs in the right section, you can move it, and I would also suggest mailing the poster, reminding them to put future topics in the correct sections.

9. Log all of your mod decisions (ie bans and warnings) so we all know who's been naughty.

10. As a rule, punishments should be based around the following system for somewhat serious offenses (ie spamming a lot):

- Unofficial Warning (With or without kick)
- Formal Warning (With or without kick)
- Final Warning (With or without kick)
- 1 to 12 hour ban.
- 12 to 24 hour ban
- 1 to 5 day ban
- 1 to 4 week ban
- Permaban

11. For more serious offenses, consider banning the offender for a long period of time, or even forever.

12. Do not edit posts made by mods above your rank.

13. Make sure that once you ban someone, you add them to the naughty list section. Also make sure you use the same format that I have done with my entries. Also make it funny.

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